Like Sister Sledge once sang: "...We are family..."

Our story began in August 1996, prior to 2017 also known as Distillery Mischler & Raudonat.  Both Michael Mischler and Ingo Raudonat own a master-diploma in distillery production from the “Destllata” in Austria. Our quality speaks for itself. Each year we enter our products in  various national and international competitions. Since 1999, each year we have won numerous gold silver and bronze medals. In 2006 we were voted one of the top ten distilleries in Rhineland–Palatine. This is an honor we are very proud of.                                                                                                          In 2017 we changed our business slightly and stopped to distill on our own, but we continue with the same quality and passion in regards of our products and customers.

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Our products, both schnapps and liqueurs, are of the highest quality.  For our schnapps, we use only fresh and mature fruit and yeast to produce our fermenting mash. There are no added sugars, aromas or chemicals. The mash is then “burnt” in a still the combines Old World charm with the latest safety and technology. The end product is then reduced with softened water, cooled, filtered and aged in glass containers until it is ready to be bottled.  Our liqueurs are also produced with the same care and attention to quality. Only fresh natural juices and purest of alcohol is used. Again, we use no chemicals or artificial ingredients. Everything is 100% natural and hand blended.

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